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ecosparc® is a Graphene-based additive designed to seamlessly enhance the performance of marine and protective coatings for steel infrastructure


reduction in carbon emissions


savings in maintenance costs

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About Ecosparc

Ecosparc is not a paint.


Ecosparc, when added in tiny amounts, supercharges coatings currently used to protect steel assets from corrosion. 

The benefits of Ecosparc including cost and emissions savings are the direct result of Ecosparc extending the time between maintenance events by 18-21%.

Ecosparc is the flagship product of Sparc Technologies (ASX:SPN). Sparc is pioneering new technologies in coatings and composites, green hydrogen and sodium-ion batteries to help deliver a more sustainable world.


Why Choose Ecosparc?

Ecosparc is an industry leading solution to fighting corrosion on steel

Cost Savings with Ecosparc


Coating cost forms only a small percent of the total maintenance cost. Enhancing conventional coatings with ecosparc results in a minimum saving in re-coatable steel maintenance costs of 19-23%. 

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Ecosparc

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Enhancing conventional coatings with ecosparc results in a reduction of carbon emissions associated with asset maintenance of 18-21%. 

protective coating being applied to industrial steel

Easier Maintenance 

  • Reduced maintenance events

  • Fewer on-site check-ups 

  • Reduced asset downtime 

  • Increased productivity

Applying protective coating to industrial steel

Increased Safety

Enhancing conventional coatings with Ecosparc will help to protect your workforce. 

Ease of Use

Simple and easy to incorporate into existing coatings

No change to current paint application or removal methods

Only 2% volume of additive required

ecosparc formula being added to paint

The unique ecosparc formula is added to existing paint products

paint manufacturing factory

At the point of production by leading global paint manufacturers

ecosparc being sprayed

To produce graphene enhanced high performance protective coatings

The Dual Anti-Corrosion Mechanism

Corrosion generally commences when a protective coating has been damaged. e.g. cracking. 

ecosparc enhanced coatings: 

Delay coating cracking. This delays the onset of corrosion.

When damage does finally occur, ecosparc further limits corrosion spread by >25%.

Significantly increasing the time between maintenance events. 

Ecosparc time between maintenance events graphic

Our Capabilities

From a trial to full scale projects, we'll help you succeed

Sparc Team

Built By Industry Experts

Global leading team of Graphene and Coatings experts

Graphene Scientist

Extensive Research and Data

Our graphene in coatings specialist team has undertaken four years of product testing to full ISO standards

Sparc Technologies Team

A Local Company With A Global Focus

Commercial manufacturing plant located in Adelaide, South Australia

Graphene Scientist

Ready To Be Shipped

Production plant capable of producing sufficient additive to produce greater than 7 million litres of paint 

Commercial Manufacturing

Elevate your coatings with Sparc's commercial graphene manufacturing capability

A very real impediment to the adoption of graphene has been the issue of the safe handling and commercial manufacture of graphene based materials. Sparc Technologies has developed the know-how that supports the safe commercial scale manufacture of graphene based products. This manufacturing know how also serves to ensure the production of graphene based products exhibiting homogenous dispersion.

Commercial manufacturing process developed for the production of graphene based additive products.

Manufacturing facility based in Adelaide with capability to produce 140,000L of ecosparc additive per annum.

Graphene based additive samples from manufacturing trials now available for customer testing.

Graphene Scientist
Sparc-Technologies-Limited Machinery Stock.jpg

Product and technical information

Data sheets and technical information for the application of ecosparc

Cans of anti-corrosion paint

Ecosparc, a revolutionary Graphene-based additive, is meticulously crafted to elevate the performance of marine and protective coatings, especially for steel infrastructure. The astounding benefits of ecosparc, including substantial cost savings and remarkable emissions reductions, stem from its ability to significantly extend the time between maintenance events by an impressive 18-21%.


By fortifying conventional coatings with ecosparc, you're not only ensuring a minimum of 25% savings in re-coatable steel maintenance costs but also making a commendable contribution to a cleaner environment, with an associated reduction of carbon emissions by 18-21%.


Choose ecosparc and redefine the future of steel asset protection and sustainability.

Ecosparc FAQ's

  • What is ecosparc?
    Ecosparc is a revolutionary graphene-based additive specifically designed to enhance the performance of marine and protective coatings used to safeguard steel infrastructure. It is not a paint, but when added in small quantities, it significantly boosts the protective capabilities of coatings.
  • What does ecosparc do?
    Ecosparc plays a crucial role in preserving and fortifying steel structures by extending the time between maintenance events. The key benefits of Ecosparc include substantial cost savings and reduced carbon emissions associated with asset maintenance. By incorporating Ecosparc into conventional coatings, you can expect up to 25% savings in re-coatable steel maintenance costs, as well as an 18-21% reduction in carbon emissions. Thus, it simplifies infrastructure maintenance by requiring fewer onsite checkups, reducing asset downtime, increasing productivity, and minimizing maintenance events.
  • What certifications does ecosparc have?
    Our product testing has been conducted to meet full ISO standards, ensuring quality and reliability over a period of 5+ years.
  • How does ecosparc contribute to environmental sustainability?
    By extending the time between maintenance events and reducing carbon emissions associated with asset maintenance, Ecosparc significantly contributes to environmental sustainability. The 18-21% reduction in emissions is a result of the improved protective capabilities it provides, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repaints.
  • Is ecosparc available now?
    Yes. Sparc has a commercial manufacturing facility which can produce approximately 140,000L of ecosparc per annum.

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